Celaya, Guanajuato


this company says they will sell your timeshare but they are located in puerto vallarta and are doing scams. please dont send *** to them they took my money and ran. keep on changing names to *** with us citizens. i hate timeshare anything. i have been dealing with people like this for a while when is osmeone going to do something about this. why do they let people like this breath. i cant believe we fail for it. please dont be another one of the many people this pigs scam. i track their address to an email they sent me, i will keep on posting more

Monetary Loss: $400.

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This is the shell game do not send them any money. The only money they made is yours.


I just got contacted by Intlpri...something stinks, someone needs to inform the FBI Fraud folks and have them stopped.They had a Chicago address on the paperwork they sent me.

As Iam Canadian I can't call the FBI.

The strange part is this guy didn't care how many weeks I had left on my contract!!!No way am I getting involved with these guys....something if very very off!!


Thomas, you say you just got paid in full.How was the process?

Was there any catch?

Does seem too good to be true.Doesnt it?

Clayton, Georgia, United States #238163

i just got paid in full for the sale of my timeshare i am really happy with the outcome


I received a call saying they could sell my timeshare, it will cost no $$ to me except @ closing (title) then they get 8% (normal closing transaction) but they are saying they will sell it for more than 2x what I paid for it. SOMETHING is not right!!


I have the exact same thing happening...what is the deal??Obviously the offer seems too good to be true, but what is the scam?

I don't understand what happens. Do you just never get the money?

They are harassing me daily and i want to get rid of the place....can you explain further?Thanks!

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